How Not to Redline While Communicating

Recently, my husband bought me a leadership assessment with coaching session for Christmas.  If you know me, this was a gift that spoke my love language…much like my Glock 43 that awaited me under the Christmas tree the year before.  I took the Hogan Assessment online and had to rate a series of statements as to whether they are like me or not like me.  Then I had a coaching session with Jamey Gadoury from Outsider Consulting a few days later.  This was my first time doing a coaching session and letting someone see my insides.  Looking in the mirror is a humbling experience.  I’m not as great as I think I am!  Ugh!  But if I was truly being honest with myself, there was nothing in the outcome of my leadership assessment that I did not already realize deep down.  So, after the reality slap to the face—it was time to get down to work.

I Could Do That

I love it when people say “I could do that” about someone who is successful.  See, but you didn’t.  That’s the difference.  I saw this picture quote on my Facebook feed this week and it got me thinking about the power of getting it done and not just talking about it.  I don’t know if anyone out there suffers with the same issue as me on this—but sometimes I’m afraid to act because I won’t be in control of the outcome, or it may be messy and not “perfect”.  I can control the here and now—in my safe comfortable bubble.  But once I act, the ball is in motion and the horse is out of the gate.  I cannot un-ring the bell.

Everyone is Talking about New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions—either embracing them, making them, or rejecting them outright.  All over social media, I’ve been reading about why this can be my best year yet…how to set achievable goals…or why I’m better off not making any goals for the new year.  Truth be told—I’m a skeptic and a little caught up in my head about this.  Do I want to achieve great things this year?  Of course, YES!  Do I want to change some things about myself?  For sure, YES!  Do I want to set myself up for failure and disappointment?  Heck NO!  So what do I do?  Goal-set or not?