The Adaptive FTO

Thom Dworak

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit"


The Adaptive FTO teaches FTOs (and through FTOs’ efforts, the trainee) how to become emotionally aware of trigger points leading to over-reaction. It is a method of recognizing de-escalation before it is time to de-escalate. It also makes for a more empathic officer who understands that not every situation is resolved through enforcement, whether a traffic citation, a summons, or an arrest. The Adaptive FTO will provide a toolbox of techniques for the Field Trainer to use in growing the probationary officer. Through the use of real world case studies, The Adaptive FTO will create a developmental framework and tools for training the future of your organization.

You will leave this class as a stronger FTO by learning:

  •  How Emotional Intelligence creates resilient, compassionate and respectful police officers.
  • The Legal and Ethical Decision Making Model.
  • Develop the critical thinking skills in the trainee.
  • The millennial proof Adaptive Feedback Model.
  • Communication is more than what you say and Orientation is not just where you are.
  • To use failure and mistakes as method to create new knowledge.
  • Decision making skills addressing de-escalation, implicit bias and procedural justice.

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