I Could Do That

I love it when people say “I could do that” about someone who is successful.  See, but you didn’t.  That’s the difference.  I saw this picture quote on my Facebook feed this week and it got me thinking about the power of getting it done and not just talking about it.  I don’t know if anyone out there suffers with the same issue as me on this—but sometimes I’m afraid to act because I won’t be in control of the outcome, or it may be messy and not “perfect”.  I can control the here and now—in my safe comfortable bubble.  But once I act, the ball is in motion and the horse is out of the gate.  I cannot un-ring the bell.

Fear WordsThis week I sent out my draft proposal to my dissertation chair, a woman I respect greatly and whose opinion I value.  I poured hours into my writing revision, corrections, edits, and additions.  This manuscript represents hundreds of hours of reading and writing over the past three years.  But there was some fear as I sat looking at the email attachment, with my finger hanging over the send button.  Would she like it?  Would she think I was a worthy doctoral candidate?  Would she shred it to pieces?  Would she think I was stupid?  And then—there it was.  The voice that whispers, “Are you really going to let fear keep you from taking one more step forward towards your dream?”

So, what actions are you putting off that would get you one step closer to your dreams and goals?  I’m not ready yet.  I’ve got too much going on.  I’ve got all these other responsibilities and things that need my attention before I can focus on this.  Give me two weeks, then I’ll have more time to focus.

We can make excuses…or we can take action.

This month I’ve been thinking about self-discipline and creating small daily habits towards success.  Your actions don’t have to be monumental or earth shifting.  Your mountain is climbed step-by-step.  But are you staying stuck or moving forward?  Send the email.  Ask for that meeting.  Register for the training class.  Make the phone call.  Write just one more page.  Read the next chapter.  And put yourself one more action-step closer towards your success.  And maybe one day you can say about yourself, “I believed I could do that…and I did!”