Welcome to Our Bandwagon

Convenient.  That’s what has been running through my mind the past few days. The news of the NYPD executions keeps ruminating in my mind as the media, celebrities, pundits and politicians issue their statements.  It’s a convenient time to make statements in support of the police. It’s a convenient time to change your tune, to condemn violence, to measure your words, to latch onto the next wave of emotion in order to promote yourself in the public eye.  But what about when it is inconvenient…like last month or last week? When the totality of the evidence, science, human factors and the law speak–yet people refuse the listen or alter their opinions and agendas because it’s not convenient to do so in the face of an angry rioting mob. What about supporting the police when it costs you something and makes you less popular?  Where is the voice of reason and understanding when it’s complicated?

police badgeI support my law-enforcement officer every single day. Not just on the easy days when the whole world seems to support him. But on the hard days. And the days when it feels like the whole world is against him.  My law-enforcement officer knows that words have consequences.  He is keenly aware that evil exists in this world and that we are all one breath away from eternity.  My law-enforcement officer knows that he serves a complex and noble profession.  So to all the pundits, politicians, and professional panderers, welcome to our bandwagon-the one that has always loved, always supported, and always been proud of our law-enforcement officers.