Why Virtus?

Think Differently

The Challenge

Training companies are a dime a dozen.  What makes The Virtus Group, Inc. unique is that we don’t just want to be another training company.  At our core, we want to change the way public safety professionals experience training, how they conceive of training that is of value to their professional and personal development, and how we can support agencies in building cultures of learning within thier organizations.  We want learning that lasts, training that transforms, and meaning that matters.  So no check-box training here!  We’re pursuing different.

Enter Virtus

The mission of The Virtus Group, Inc. is to serve the public safety professions by challenging organizations to think differently about leadership development and training.  The Virtus team consists of highly qualified and experienced trainers in leadership development, resilience, risk management, feedback, mentoring, use of force, human factors, field training officer development, decision-making, officer wellness, and adult learning.  Our group is guided by five core principles: valor, excellence, courage, character, and worth.

Virtus Identity

We Rethought Everything


Committed to Serve

Amazing Result

The word Virtus comes from ancient Rome to embody a specific type of virtue that society valued.  Virtus came to represent the ethical ideal—not just of a warrior-type but also of a good and just person who did what was right.  Virtus was lived out in the public sphere and was not kept in private.  Virtus was not a quality bestowed by someone’s birth and ancestry but had to be earned and pursued.  Virtus is not sought for personal gain but is exercised for the common good.  For us, Virtus represents the intersection of our five core values: valor, excellence, courage, character, and worth.  Virtus is a lived virtue in our communities today.

The Architecture of Virtus Training and Development


Valor reflects the strength and boldness needed in law enforcement professionals today to meet the ever increasing and changing challenges faced in the communities we serve.  It’s the grit that resides at our core.


Excellence reflects the expectation we have regarding the quality and distinction that training, development, and learning experiences we sponsor will be evidence-based, personalized to our audience needs, and engaging to participants.  We have high expectations that Virtus events and courses should have a “wow” factor to attendees.


Courage reflects the quiet confidence we seek to build into both our courses and participants to do the right thing in situations even when it is unpopular and hard.  Public safety professionals need courses and development that strengthen the courage and resolve of leaders to do the right things for the right reasons in the right ways for their agencies and communities, especially under so much public scrutiny in recent years.


Character reveals who we are and what we value.  We place emphasis on modeling unconditional respect of all persons in the way we communicate, listen, and behave as leaders.  Our courses emphasize the respect and dignity that is fundamental to building trust-based relationships within our agencies and our communities.


Worth represents our deeply held belief that leadership development and training should focus on what matters most in our profession.  We believe that people matter more than processes, spreadsheets, or systems.  Our training topics must be important and significant to the people we serve and provide them with the tools and skills they need to become better leaders of their agencies and communities.  We focus on what has the most value to people we serve and we let passing fads and whims not distract us from our core mission.