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Next week, police instructors from around the globe will be converging on Chicago. The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (more affectionately known as “ILEETA”, pronounced eye-LEE-ta) brings 800 cop trainers together for a six-day conference, with incredible networking and information sharing opportunities.

This year, The Virtus Group will be presenting a 5-part series of breakout sessions under the “Growing Courage™” banner. The Growing Courage™ program is built upon five fundamental tenets: Mindset; Vulnerability; Respect; Self-Reflection; and Resilience. Each of our five courses applies the Growing Courage™ philosophy to the group’s interconnected web of ideas, theories, and concepts…with the sole purpose to develop better instructors, teachers, trainers, and educators. The courses are:

•    Growing Courage™ for Trainers; Roy Bethge
•    Growing Courage™: Nurturing Adaptive Learning; Louis Hayes
•    Growing Courage™: The Adaptive FTO; Thom Dworak
•    Simplify: Getting Back to Basics; Dr Laura King, PhD
•    Human Factors in Training & Performance; John Bennett
Each two-hour portion of the series will be offered two times during the week. There is no need to attend them in any specific order. And while they are all related to one another with a consistent theme, they are each designed as stand-alone courses for those who cannot attend them all. Conveniently, ILEETA has scheduled many of our sessions back-to-back in the same room!
I will also be intermittently live-video broadcasting from the conference via the live-streaming Periscope app. Find me on Periscope at @LouHayesJr. The event’s Twitter hashtag is #ILEETA16…which I’ll be using throughout the week.

If you’re attending the ILEETA Conference next week, come find us. In the meantime, text COURAGE to 66866 to sign up for our e-mailing newsletter.

See you in Chicago!

Louis Hayes, Jr is a system thinker and provocateur for The Virtus Group, Inc, a firm devoted to developing public safety leadership. He is a law enforcement trainer with biases in Constitutional law, crisis intervention, and tactical policing. Lou can be reached on Twitter @LouHayesJr and under #ThinkLE.  

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